How to Earn Money Online in India With Direct Sales vs. Traditional Methods

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From creative pursuits like blogging to graphic design to more technical ones like coding and web or app design, there are a variety of ways to earn money online in India as a side gig or even a full-time career. But which way is best for your unique skills and talents? And perhaps just as importantly, which one has the most benefits and the biggest upside? Let’s explore.

Traditional Methods of Making Money in India: Pros & Cons

Most day jobs, whether fully online and remote or in person, are associated with stability and legitimacy. But have you ever worked in an in-person role that required you to commute during rush hour, wasting hours upon hours every week in travel time?

Have you ever experienced the stress of trying to juggle full time remote work with school or managing a household?

If you have, then you know that sometimes, “traditional” methods of work aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

You could become an entrepreneur of your own accord without the help of direct sales. But working for yourself and yourself alone has its own sets of challenges and risks.

This is part of the reason why so many people in India are turning to direct sales as a method of generating extra income.

How to Earn Money Online in India for Students

When some people hear “multilevel marketing” (MLM) or even “direct sales”, an immediate red flag is raised. There are, after all, a lot of scams out there that misuse the MLM/direct selling name.

Looking for helpful information on how to earn money online for students? We can help.

Consider these statistics:

  • Only 30% of small businesses can survive a decade
  • In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 60% of temporarily closed restaurants in the US eventually could not reopen
  • Less than 1% of aspiring authors ever see their work published
  • Approximately 40% of new teachers leave the profession early
  • Only 2% of actors are able to earn a decent living

Clearly, relying on “traditional” income-generating methods is hardly easy, to say the least.

While direct selling isn’t a foolproof method of making extra money either (what is?), if you’re selling high-quality goods, are motivated and driven to succeed, and leverage your network and tools like social media, direct selling success is possible.

Not only that, online direct sales could help you:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Reclaim lost time
  • Tap into unlimited earning potential
  • And so much more

Learn More About Direct Sales in India

Looking for more information on how to get started on your direct sales journey as a student, “mompreneur”, or side hustler? Read our blog “Debunking the Myth of Direct Selling’s 90% Failure Rate” to hear more about common myths and misconceptions about direct sales and next steps you can take.

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