Misinformation vs Disinformation: Impact on Direct Selling in India

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Disinformation about direct selling is bad for potential entrepreneurs and the economy alike. Unfortunately, many don’t even know what disinformation is or how it affects them. The average person may confuse disinformation with the more commonly understood concept of misinformation, but there is an important distinction between disinformation vs misinformation. The definition of misinformation in […]

9 Red Flags to Look for With Direct Sales Scams

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The world of direct selling is as diverse as it is vast. It offers many individuals the promise of personal growth, entrepreneurial spirit, and economic empowerment. However, just as with any industry, it’s not immune to pitfalls, especially when bad actors come into play. While many genuine, credible, and promising direct sales opportunities are out […]

Why Truth is Crucial in the Direct Selling Industry

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The direct selling industry is a vibrant, dynamic landscape that has provided countless individuals with business opportunities and access to unique products. Yet, like any business domain, the heart and soul of direct selling lie in its authenticity. Emphasizing the truth in direct selling is not just about ethics; it’s about sustainability. With misconceptions swirling […]

Impact of Social Media on Direct Selling Industry

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Today, few industries have remained untouched by the profound influence of social media platforms. Among them, the direct selling industry stands out, having embraced the dynamic world of online interaction to enhance its reach and efficacy. As the lines between virtual and physical interactions blur, there’s an emerging narrative about the symbiotic relationship between direct […]

Why Do Some People Succeed with a Direct Selling Business and Others Don’t?

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Venturing into the world of a direct selling business can be an exciting journey filled with potential and opportunities. This sales model, which has been around for ages, allows individuals to sell products directly to the consumer in a non-retail setting. From door-to-door sales, to party plans, and even leveraging social media, direct selling offers […]

90 Percent Failure in Direct Selling

Debunking the Myth of Direct Selling’s 90% Failure Rate Over the years, direct selling has demonstrated its value to individuals, communities, and even national economies. Recent periods of flux have caused the industry to boom, and analysts are predicting exponential global growth in the next five years. Despite this, critics continue to spread the misconception […]

Direct Selling Explained

Direct selling is booming! Yes, while numerous other sectors have endured slowdowns, direct selling companies are continuing to chart exponential growth while serving as a lifeline to both national economies and individuals. This should come as no surprise. It is, after all, one of the oldest distribution channels in the world, having consistently proven its […]

Why Governments Should Recognise Direct Selling

Direct selling is a rapidly growing industry that contributes significantly to the global economy. It involves selling products and services directly to consumers, typically through a network of independent distributors or representatives. The industry is a growing source of income for millions of people. It has proven to be an effective way for individuals and […]

Growth and Evolution for the Direct Selling Industry

The global economy remains volatile despite the lifting of lockdowns and movement restrictions brought on by the recent pandemic. Geopolitical strife, high-interest rates, and volatile commodity prices have beset the months   According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s January 2023 World Economic Outlook Update, global growth is projected to fall to 2.9% this year […]